Had there been
Just one more hour
Would I have said it then?
If I’d known you
For a year more,
Would my heart
Not feel the pain?
If a minute
Was the gift of time
Would I pass it
With a kiss?
Or would nothing change
Not age
Nor time
Nor breath
Or heart
Love doesn’t count the beats.

pieces of light

I heard them then
not knowing in my youth,
what muffled sounds had meant.
Another rhythm of the night.
I hear him now
creeping, pacing, room to room.
Hide under the sheet, he’ll pass me by,
not knowing I breathe.
I hear them always
little breaths, litle feet, little pieces of light.
The light for me to see
in the dark of night.
I can still hear him in my mind.
My thoughts can’t block him out.
But not my heart; I keep for little pieces of light.

the thief

A snake came in the room last night,
you said. Singing songs of love.
You listened with one ear only
aware inside that with each note
she took you in.
You reached for me to hold you
I was gone.
Deceived by the serpents smile
you followed. down the dark path
she led you, always looking back.
Come back my heart.
‘You should have stayed,’ he cried
lost in her void.
‘I heard her song, and you were silent.’
I closed my eyes to cry a river
home for you. Wash her poisoned charm away.
‘Taste it, its not love, ‘ I said.
‘find your way home, bathe in my blood,
drink my tears, breathe with me.
Stay with me now.


she spoke to you and with those words
you felt her sting, but came to me
confused, questioning
her bitterness spreading like a disease
do i touch you, heal you, will you let me now
her words linger still, cause us to be blinded
take my words, they are you blanket
take my hand, it knows your pain
take my mouth it holds no poison
take me with you from the darkness
she spoke to you , dont’t let her in