love stories
nightly dreams of love stories

stories that might have been

who can take a whole night for one long dream 
and then forget

you wake , you think you remember every cherished moment

you might even think to store it, write it, tell it, later

later is too late

later it is the puff of smoke that was a story, but now is that ungraspable tale

and you knew that it was good

it was the ultimate love story

there was the love once had found
 … and there was the knowledge that this was it, this was real

the disappointment on waking, even though you might have suspected at the time

suspected that you were in a dream

dreaming of a love story


i dreamed of you and in my dreams 
your voice, your face, were clear

not like my waking memories 
that with each day disappear

i dreamed of you and as you spoke 
your breath was warm and soft

soft as the hands 
that held me until i awoke

i dreamed of you and this time thought 
‘don’t say too much 
or move too fast. 
don’t try so hard or love so much’ 
and this time he might stay

i dreamed of you and when i woke i cried 
for the bitter joke that our dreams play 
confuse us with promises 
that wont be kept

let me dream no more this day