Saturday vege pies/pasties

This is a great one when you may not quite have a meal in the fridge, but you do have puff pastry.

And also excellent for when everyone in the house is eating at different times.


Puff pastry- we buy ours frozen, and it’s vegan friendly

2 onions


Fresh chilli- finely chopped, seeds optional

200g mushrooms

4 carrots

1 sweet potato

200 ml passata 

1 tin brown lentils, 1 tin red kidney

Soy, oregano, salt, pepper, vege stock to taste

1. Make a small pot of coffee, it is Saturday, and turn on some music

2. Fry onions and garlic, (lid on, so that it sweats) with salt, pepper, oregano until very soft, almost caramelised

3. Add finely chopped vegetables, (these can be anything that you like, see list above, but can include peas, beans, whatever is left over in your fridge) 

4. Add everything else, and a little water extra so that the potatoes will cook. I added the whole fresh chilli last, as it’s cooler that way, but still adds zing. If you add it to the onions it will be hotter.

5. Allow to cook until potatoes are soft enough to eat, and most of the liquid has gone. I sometimes add a handful of oats at the end to help absorption. And they are super food.

6. Cool right down before you make pasties/pie – it is much easier to manage on the pastry when it’s cold- drink coffee, change record

So I am not the best pie maker in the world, and that is why this is such a good recipe, you will all be much better than I. 

If you are going to make a large pie, I love having pastry top and bottom, so follow the instructions on the packet, and lightly cook the lower base (grease pie tray first – avoid baking paper as it could stick to the food) 

We made pasties from this recipe, half a sheet of puff pastry per pastie, simple triangles. Use cold, not fully defrosted pastry as it’s difficult to manipulate, and cold filling.

Bake according to the packet directions, usually very hot oven for about 15 minutes for a small pastie, or until nice and brown on top.

…story to come


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