road trip

12 Feb

she was 17
she had watched her father push her mother from the sulky and break her head on the ground
she had yelled at the father and his female friend
they had threatened her with the stockwhip
she watched her mother cry, nurse the baby, then lie down and die
she had told the police
they had taken her statement
she had six younger ones to mind as they took her father away
the baby was six months old, lillian they had called her, she must never know
she stood with all the family as they buried emma in the soil
they all looked at her, they all wanted her to forgive
she cried when they told her that she had to change her words
she wept when she knew that he would never change his ways
she saved him, and he left anyway
a strange woman became their mother, and fatherless she would keep lillian in the dark

Found this one today, written for Lillian and Emma Laura, her mother


9 Feb

one week till I leave

planning is tricky, the balance between ‘ i will just let the road determine my destination…’ and making sure that i have a bed at night

doing some research, finding destinations about 2-3 hours apart (for that morning and afternoon drive with lots and lots of wandering in between) has led me to a few grey nomad sites and Burning Mountain Nature Reserve. Its a slow burning coal seam near the New England Hwy, with free camping.

so this is the last blog before I leave, will start a new page, ‘cabinet of wonders’ to visually illustrate my journey


Underground Coal Seam, Burning Mountain Nature Reserve
Underground Coal Seam, Burning Mountain Nature Reserve
Burning Mountain Nature Reserve
Burning Mountain Nature Reserve

==30 Jan

road trip starting on February 15th, after Tibetan new year feb 13th.

first stopover will be Ravenscroft Winery in Stanthorpe

dont see any writing happening there, so let’s hope the next three weeks, Internet-free (it’s like giving up the smokes or grog isn’t it?) will give real time to writing. And real discipline to writing.

there’s always an excuse, it’s work, it’s kids, it’s the lawn mowing.

the excuses won’t hold on the road. So it’s writing every day.

the challenge then is to focus, have a number of pretty good stories started, and a couple of ideas for the new ones.

lets hope it reveals itself on the way

ps , have bought a new Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad!

==Some time in 2015

going on a road trip in february

over the years I have written stories based on true events

I need to be placed in the space to continue these stories

so this blog is about that road trip

apart from the obvious amazing destinations to set up my tent and write, I plan to spend a bit of extended time in Bylong and Dungog.
Phoebe’s story is based in Dungog, the death of her mother , Emma , is below.
Bylong is another story, and its important for me to visit this before the coal mines take over.